Mini Knife Skills Class with Plated’s Head Chef

Join Plated’s Head Chef Elana Karp for a fun and informative 12-minute class on knife skills. You’ll learn 4 essential cuts and gain fundamental skills for the kitchen — making prep faster, smoother, and more enjoyable.

I love watching Elane Karp video. You’ll learn basic cuts for everyday ingredients, fun hacks to enjoy your time in the kitchen, and great tips on selecting and safely using your chef knives for everyday cooking. You’ll come away from this class with confidence for using your chef’s knife and the skills to cut your vegetables quickly and beautifully. I posted the video below, do check it out:

An Online Skillshare Class by Elana Karp

About Elana Karp
Elana is the Head Chef at Plated and the co-author of the Plated cookbook. After completing Teach for America in New York City and earning her Masters degree in Childhood Education, she headed over to Paris to explore France’s deep culinary history and tradition. On the way she earned a chef’s degree from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris and developed her philosophy that cooking and eating are the best ways to bring people together.

Elana believes food should be easy to make, delicious to eat and is best enjoyed when shared. It leads to good conversation, exposes diners to new cultures, and makes great memories. She is thrilled to be part of the Plated culinary team and looks forward to sharing her meals with you!

Project Description

Slice, dice, mince, or julienne your favorite vegetable


Your assignment is to try one of the following knife cuts on your favorite vegetable: slice, julienne, dice, or mince. Practice your cut, then take a photo of your pile of cut veggies. As an extra challenge, upload a photo for each different cut!

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