A 7-Piece Classic Knife Set

The Best Classic Knife Set

7-Piece Classic Knife Set

I’m a mother of four children. When I cook for my family, I want my food quality to be preserved and perfect. How do I ensure I deliver that to them? Well, I purchase a way over budget knife set but it was much cheaper than the others they were offering. The knife set that I own is the Wusthof Classic 7-Piece Knife Set. It comes with their signature knife block. It is probably one of the best knives set that I’ve own.

The Items
The sets comes with a 3-1/2-inch paring knife, a 6-inch utility knife, an 8-inch bread knife, an 8-inch cook’s knife, a 9-inch honing steel, a pair of kitchen shears, and a 13-slot storage block. I think the block is great because I got to keep my great old knives that I didn’t want to get rid of.

Incredible Performance
If you’re heard of the Wusthof brand before, you would know that they make exceptional knives. From what I’ve heard, I didn’t believe my friends and the review on knife blogs. I mean knives could not be that perfect. However, I was proved wrong.

When I received that set, the first thing I did was slice through a melon since my children did want to eat them. It slice through the melon like butter. The serrated bread knife was also a blessing. Now, I can happily cut through my loaves of bread. If you’re scared if the knife is not balanced or if the handle isn’t comfortable, you don’t need to worry.

Even after two years of using this knife set, the handle is still intact and comfortable to grip on. Moreover, the edge is still razor sharp. I hope that you will get the chance to use a Wusthof knife because I guarantee you that if you do, you will never want to use a normal knife again.

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